The Baja3000; A Crazy Vacation Idea

Sep 16

Drive far, surf hard, challenge your ingenuity and tenacity in the desert. Then, give everything away…including your car!

In March, 2008, five teams of surfers will pile into four-wheel-drive trucks and negotiate 1600 dusty, bumpy miles to Mexico in the search of solitude, perfect waves, and people in need.

We will load our vehicles with 5000 pounds of clothes, toys, books, bikes, tools and other essentials. As we pass through poor Baja villages, we will donate everything—including the much-needed 4WD trucks—to recognized charities. In all, we hope to make donations worth more than $30,000.

We invite you to watch the action on this web site and blog. We’ll update it frequently with stories, photos and videos. We also invite you to make a donation to the Baja3000 of money, toys, books, supplies, educational materials, and other items. Your donation will go straight to the hands of needy kids and families.

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Baja 3000

Sep 15

Filming in Mulege , before the drive through Hell!

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Baja California, MX

May 23

Baja California, MX
Baja has unbelievable opportunities for multiple location flavors, landscape texture’s that change every 50 miles!
Mid Baja is perfect for that Indy desert western or unique backdrop for a one of a kind scene.

Not geared for large production shoots, (unless you hang out at Fox, MX) just too sketchy!
Get below Ensenada quickly, best shots: Boulder Garden and Tres Alejandros.
Contact me for more info.

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