Sep 20

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Surf Galapagos

Baja 3000

Sep 16

The Baja3000; A Crazy Vacation Idea

Drive far, surf hard, challenge your ingenuity and tenacity in the desert. Then, give everything away…including your car!

In March, 2008, five teams of surfers will pile into four-wheel-drive trucks and negotiate 1600 dusty, bumpy miles to Mexico in the search of solitude, perfect waves, and people in need.

We will load our vehicles with 5000 pounds of clothes, toys, books, bikes, tools and other essentials. As we pass through poor Baja villages, we will donate everything—including the much-needed 4WD trucks—to recognized charities. In all, we hope to make donations worth more than $30,000.

We invite you to watch the action on this web site and blog. We’ll update it frequently with stories, photos and videos. We also invite you to make a donation to the Baja3000 of money, toys, books, supplies, educational materials, and other items. Your donation will go straight to the hands of needy kids and families.

Read the entire tale.

Sep 15

Baja 3000

Filming in Mulege , before the drive through Hell!

Aug 23

500mph Films?

500mph Films is a full turnkey digital film studio
located in Northern California. From concept to
finish product let 500mph bring your ideas to light!

Founded in 2005, 500mph Films original focus was extreme
action sport films, but have now expanded to How-to programing
(Construction, Food), Travel, Music, Corporate, Event Promotion and Theater.

500mph Films in conjunction with Manresa
have developed many original concepts including
2009 award winning travel/adventure film, Baja 3000.

Take a moment to cruise the rest of our site and thanks for stopping by!

May 23

People’s Choice Award – Monterey, CA Indy Film Festival

Baja 3000 was chosen winner of the “Peoples Choice Award” at the Monterey Independent Film Festival – 2009

Meet and Greet, plus Poster Signing [Rob & Bob]

Audience Q&A [Rob & Bob]

Event Poster

Featuring local film makers and alternative media
June 6 and 7 at 1PM
320 Hoffman Ave, New Monterey
Tickets 5.00 each day for all films. Tickets available at the door. In and out privileges okay.
Info: 831-521-4512

Films featured include:
Saturday June 6
1PM “The Stones of Famagusta; the Story of a Forgotten City”
2:30PM “Sumbaito”
3:00PM “Baja 3000”
4:45PM “25 Ways to Die”
5:00PM “Ware’s”
5:15PM “Silent Cry”
5:30PM “Neighborhood Roots”
5:45PM “Dinner For One”
6:15PM “The Misconception of Randall Bimford”
7:30PM “Don’t Shoot the Pharmacist”

Sunday June 7
1PM “Cry Gaza”
1:15PM “Machines”
2:00PM “Chema-kill: The Movie”
4:00PM “The Grand Deception”
4:15PM “The Method”
5:00PM “Tao of Pong”
5:45PM “Every Step You Take”

2010 Poster

May 23

Baja California, MX

Baja California, MX
Baja has unbelievable opportunities for multiple location flavors, landscape texture’s that change every 50 miles!
Mid Baja is perfect for that Indy desert western or unique backdrop for a one of a kind scene.

Not geared for large production shoots, (unless you hang out at Fox, MX) just too sketchy!
Get below Ensenada quickly, best shots: Boulder Garden and Tres Alejandros.
Contact me for more info.

May 23

Monterrey, MX

Monterrey, MX
This was fluke! I was in town to see my nephew graduate from the University and decided to check out the town for locations…WOW!

This place has it all, small mountains, jutting jagged foggy cliffs, incredible architecture and art. This city is very hip yet it has an old town with awesome charm. This is a very wealthy town (Ferrari dealerships, etc.) nice places to stay and great food! Perfect for small crew up to full top ten studio production, easy to get around, very friendly people. Contact me for more info.

May 4

The Wall: A Live Tribute

This was a great project. I was brought in for visual support which incorporated original footage and a mix of images by others. The “Film”, accompanied by a live band, assisted the actors throughout the performance, timing was key!

The Paper Wing Theatre Company Proudly Presents:
“The Wall: A Live Tribute”
Starring L.j. Brewer

“The Wall: A Tribute” is a dark, expressionistic, rock musical told from the point of view of a depressed rock musician. It is structured around the musician’s reflections on his life, all of which center on the building of “the wall.” This wall is a metaphor for psychological isolation, a barrier he creates to distance himself from his pain. The foundations for this wall are lain in childhood, with the death of his father leaving him to be raised by an overprotective mother and a repressive school system. He seeks freedom from this world through writing and music. However, even after he achieves success as a rock star, the wall continues to grow, with the rock star feeling trapped by fame and wounded by his failed personal relationships.
Playing through October 31
Thurs, Fri, Saturdays at 8PM