The Wall: A Live Tribute

May 4
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This was a great project. I was brought in for visual support which incorporated original footage and a mix of images by others. The “Film”, accompanied by a live band, assisted the actors throughout the performance, timing was key!

The Paper Wing Theatre Company Proudly Presents:
“The Wall: A Live Tribute”
Starring L.j. Brewer

“The Wall: A Tribute” is a dark, expressionistic, rock musical told from the point of view of a depressed rock musician. It is structured around the musician’s reflections on his life, all of which center on the building of “the wall.” This wall is a metaphor for psychological isolation, a barrier he creates to distance himself from his pain. The foundations for this wall are lain in childhood, with the death of his father leaving him to be raised by an overprotective mother and a repressive school system. He seeks freedom from this world through writing and music. However, even after he achieves success as a rock star, the wall continues to grow, with the rock star feeling trapped by fame and wounded by his failed personal relationships.
Playing through October 31
Thurs, Fri, Saturdays at 8PM

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